Dr. Jessica Hong Wing Lee, DC – Hong Kong Chiropractor

Information and Thoughts About Chiropractic, Health, and the Human Body.

About Dr. Lee


Dr. Jessica Lee holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree from Queen’s University in Life Science. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where four years of intensive training led her to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. During her internship, Dr. Lee worked at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Muki Baum Children’s Centre, and The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Main Campus Clinic. She treated patients ranging from children to adults to geriatrics and encountered a diverse spectrum of conditions.

Dr. Lee is frequently taking courses and seminars to further enhance her knowledge of the human body and to keep up with the latest research. She has completed training in Clinical Biomedical Acupuncture, Active Release Techniques®(ART), and Graston Techniques ®. She continues to expand and refine her clinical skill set in order to provide the best care possible for her patients.

Dr. Lee strongly believes that achieving an optimal quality of life is an important factor in obtaining long-term health and happiness. She is looking forward to helping people reach and surpass their health and wellness expectations.


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